Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition – Press kit

Developer: Thinice Games
Publisher: Ratalaika Games S.L.
Platforms: Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Release date: February 23rd, 2018 (Switch EU & NA) / June 14th, 2018 (Switch JP) / August 29th, 2018 (Xbox One)
Regular price: USD $7.99 / 7.99€ / ¥500


Watt and Volt are twin robots, forgotten by time and abandoned in an old robot factory. Marked as defective by mistake, if they wish to prove themselves as deserving a place in today’s world, they must pass a series of grueling tests.
Watt and Volt will have their work cut out for them, but the good news is you might not have to go it alone as although both robots can be controlled at any moment due to swapping between them, co-op is fully supported, so as long as you have a friend to control the other robot, the only thing you’ll need to focus on, is what your own robot is doing.


Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition is the enhanced edition of “Twin Robots”, including more levels and enhanced graphics.


  • Strategy thinking: Manage your energy levels through the level so that you can safely reach the exit & charge the last door to open it.
  • Puzzle solving: some levels require both robots to help eachother in order to solve easy puzzles
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Local co-op multiplayer action!

What’s new in Ultimate Edition?

  • 12 new levels, making a total of 40 levels in the game.
  • New exclusive music tracks
  • Improved physics!
  • Some puzzles have been tuned & reworked
  • New camera system
  • Secret bonus zones
  • Improved graphics, including new full 3D backgrounds and better overall performance.
  • Reworked achievement system, removing grinding achievements


Twin Robots UE - Launch trailer


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Additional Links

Original soundtrack is available here.


Developer: Pablo Rojo
Music: dBXY Collective
Port & publishing: Ratalaika Games S.L.

About Thinice

Thinice Games is a one-man game development studio from Barcelona, Spain.
More information about Thinice can be found on the press section here.


Thinice Twitter: @thinicegames
Pablo Rojo personal Twitter: @projotw