Thinice Games – Press kit

Developer name: Thinice Games
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Founder: Pablo Rojo
Founding date: 2011
Press / business contact:
Social: Twitter (@thinicegames)



Thinice Games is a one-man game development studio from Barcelona, Spain.


Thinice Games was founded by Pablo Rojo in 2011. He has filled varied roles in digital creation for many years, ranging from 3D Generalist to Flash game developer.

The name of the studio is based on Pink Floyd’s song “The Thin Ice”. This song warns about the dangers of skating on thin ice, because it can crack at any time and you’ll fall & drown. It is meant to be a metaphor for modern life, but Pablo thought it was also a good fit for an indie game development studio.

Thinice’s first game was “Save Sea Turtles!” a mobile game for Android devices.
After that, “Twin Robots” was launched on mobile & on some Android based consoles (OUYA, Fire TV, Nvidia Shield).
“Twin Robots” was later ported to PC & Consoles (WiiU, PSVita, PS4).
An enhanced version, called “Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition” was launched on Xbox One & Nintendo Switch.





Thinice Twitter: @thinicegames
Pablo Rojo personal Twitter: @projotw