Concept Destruction - Launch trailer 23 01 09 18 21

Press kit available here

Concept Destruction is a game where you drive miniature cars made of cardboard, crashing into other cars to destroy them & earn points along the way.

Bulding a car is an expensive process. Once the initial design is approved, a scale model is built using clay; But, this doesn’t help decide if a concept is good enough. So, our designer decided to build small cardboard miniatures, and put them to test against each other on the top of his desk. Which one will survive & reach mass production?

• Destructible cars!
• Each car has a different driving style.
• Awesome heavy metal soundtrack!
• Local multiplayer (2 players, split screen)
• School mode: get the practice you need before jumping into the action.
• Championship mode: choose a car and fight your way through to mass production!
• Survival mode: all other cars will try to destroy you. How long can you survive?
• Tourism mode: relax & just drive around, enjoy the view!
• Energy management: each car uses a battery as its source of energy. Hit other cars hard to make their battery drop, then take it!!
• Gameplay can be completely customized: cars resistance, duration of each event, battery usage…

Available on:

XBoxSeriesXS PS5 NintendoSwitch
XBoxOne PS4 Steam