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Save Sea Turtles! – Now on Samsung Apps too!

If you happen to have a Samsung device and for whatever reason you prefer to get apps on Samsung AppStore, you can now get my game “Save Sea Turtles!” there too.

I got this one there following the 100% indie initiative, so I’ll get 100% of revenue for a while which is nice… as long as there is any revenue at all.

If you are broke and can’t spend $1 on this, then go ahead and download it from the PlayStore, it’s free with just 1 single ad upon launch. The version on Samsung AppStore has no ads, F2P or whatever; just the game! (This premium version is on the PlayStore as well!)

Whatever your choice, if you end up giving it a try… hope you enjoy it! :)

Save Sea Turtles! Now FREE

LITE versions of “Save Sea Turtles!” are now ad supported, so I’ve decided to include all levels in them.

I didn’t want the ads to interfere with the game so you’ll only see 1 ad each time you launch the game, and nothing more. No in-game banners, no misleading pop-ups, nothing. Zero.

Oh, and don’t worry if this game is being played by a kid: Dating, Gambling and Religion related advertisements will never be shown. Period.

If you enjoy the game and want to show some support, or if the ad screen really annoys you: you can still buy the “Premium” version of the game for just 0.99€, which has no ads.

That’s all, I hope you enjoy the game!

Status Update

I’m working on the phone version of “Save Sea Turtles!” and everything is going ok for now. Working perfectly on a Samsung Galaxy S2 and on a SE Xperia Arc S. Hopefully it will be released before September (both tablet & phone versions).


Lots of levels

Hi again! A new update of “Save Sea Turtles!” is here!

Lately I’ve been working on the icon of the app. I’ve read everywhere that it’s very important to have a nice icon so I did my best! It was something I wanted to get right so it took me a while… but it’s done now, one more thing to check off the list.

Today I’ve been working on a new level selection screen, since I’m going to build 3x times more levels than it was initially planned. That means 16×3 = 48 levels! Madness, I know!

Well, all those levels are going to be spread along 3 difficulty levels so that explains the image you see above.

Now, back to the code!

Save Sea Turtles! – Gameplay video 02

After several failed attempts at recording a new gameplay video including audio, finally I made it!

Watch the video on Youtube

Check the video to see latest changes to the game: you’ll see a “How to play” screen, the new enemy I was talking about in the latest post (seagulls), music, sound effects… Hope you like it!

Now I’m fixing some bugs and designing the levels. More to come!


New Enemy: Seagulls!

I was not sure if I should implement it because I thought that it would make the game too hard, but… it’s actually funnier! (yes, harder too)

So here we have the 2nd enemy of the game: Seagulls! They will fly over the area from time to time, and if any turtle is in their path, it will be captured & carried away :(

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Save Sea Turtles! – First gameplay video

At last, I’ve managed to record a video showing the gameplay for “Save Sea Turtles!”

View on Youtube

Sorry for the shaky camera, I have stabilised it but it’s still quite a mess…

Well, talking about what you can see in the video: it shows the main menu, the level selection menu and a bit of actual gameplay of one of the levels. I’m still working on level design so these are changing quite a lot from day to day.

The badges you can see on the level selection screen are there only if you managed to fully complete one level: saved all turtles AND picked up all the sea stars as well.

Hope you enjoy the video, and keep tuned for updates!