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Twin Robots – Post Mortem

On a day like today, on December 21st 2013, Twin Robots debuted on OUYA, the first platform where it was released. A year has passed since, so today seemed appropriate to finally look back and write a post mortem on the game. Bear with me as this is my first post mortem ever! It will focus on the development pre-launch, whereas on an upcoming post I’ll write about what happened after that.

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Twin Robots – Updated to v1.83

Twin Robots has just been updated on ALL platforms where it’s available: Ouya, FireTV, AndroidTV, GameStick, Android(PlayStore), Windows, Mac, Linux.
This brings all the platforms up to date on features (desktop versions were slightly lagging behind in terms of updates as of lately, sorry for that!).

The main feature of this update (besides bug-fixing) is the switch to a self-hosted solution for the online leaderboards; now they are stored on my server and they load faster! :D
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Twin Robots – Update 1 is coming!

The main new feature is the ability to share energy between robots: in single player mode you press a button and the current robot starts sending energy to his twin, who receives it automatically. In multiplayer mode both players need to press the button to agree on the energy exchange. Thanks a lot to Andrew Perry for suggesting this “helping” mechanic!

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Twin Robots – OUYA Launch Trailer

Watch the trailer on Youtube

Yes, it’s here! The game is finished! :)
Do you have an OUYA? You can queue the download right here by clicking this button:


It will magically download on your OUYA the next time you start it up and a connection is available.

The game is free to try, you can play 3 levels both in single & multiplayer (local coop.). After that, a single payment unlocks all the levels (28).

Hope you enjoy it!

(Android & PC version will come next! Soon…)

Twin Robots – It’s coming!


There’s been a long time since my last post! Sorry for that, but the development of Twin Robots has never stopped! I intend to release the OUYA version in a matter of days, while Android & desktop versions will come out later.

Latest additions to the game include… explodable robots! Yes! Now depending on how a robot is killed it will just fall down using ragdolls or explode in pieces! This explosion effect comes at a higher performance cost than just using ragdolls, but it’s hardly noticeable unless you want the object to explode in hundreds of pieces. So don’t worry, framerate is pretty stable at 30fps on the OUYA.

I’ll be back soon with release date & further info. :-)

Twin Robots – dev video 05

Hi there!

Watch the video on Youtube

This video shows a lot of the things I’ve been working on lately:

00:10 The “BUY” button on the main menu retrieves the current price directly from OUYA’s server, so in case of a sale, discount, etc. the text on the button will automatically update. If there is no network or there is an error, the button reads only “BUY”, but it doesn’t matter because in that case you won’t be able to buy the game anyway. Also, you can see a new messaging system in place, with custom notifications retrieved from Scoreoid’ servers; the beauty of that is I can update those messages at anytime, easily comunicating with players. Again, if there is no network then default messages show up.

00:18 This is how the credits screen is set up. I included it in the video to show it to the cool people at freesound.org; also included Scoreoid’s logo in here.

00:27 This is the config / settings screen, allowing you to define a screen scaling so everything fits nice inside your tv and a brightness setting so you can lighten up the game a bit if it’s too dark for you.

00:55 First level is shown in single player mode. This levels introduces you a bit to the mechanics so that’s why you see some help panels over there. That only happens on this level.

02:22 This is how you buy the game. One single purchase unlocks all levels. No DRM, no online checks, no calling home, no nothing. You buy it, it’s yours.

02:55 Second level is shown here, now in multiplayer mode.

So, right now I’m building all the levels and then… maybe some more fixes here and there and… launch!