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Twin Robots – Updated to v1.83

Twin Robots has just been updated on ALL platforms where it’s available: Ouya, FireTV, AndroidTV, GameStick, Android(PlayStore), Windows, Mac, Linux.
This brings all the platforms up to date on features (desktop versions were slightly lagging behind in terms of updates as of lately, sorry for that!).

The main feature of this update (besides bug-fixing) is the switch to a self-hosted solution for the online leaderboards; now they are stored on my server and they load faster! :D
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Twin Robots is everywhere!

The day has finally come: Twin Robots is now available on Windows, Mac, Linux & Android.

Have a look at the game page here and choose your preferred platform!

It’s been a loooong way to get here but here it is at last. I’m very proud of the final result, and of course this wouldn’t have been possible at all without the awesome-sauce of Unity’s multiplatform capabilities. It’s just crazy how many different platforms you can target using almost the same codebase… and I’m not even targeting all the supported ones! If you are a gamedev you sure have heard about it, but just in the case you’ve been trapped in a cage for years and don’t know what I’m talking about, do yourself a favour and have a look at Unity’s website.

So, now that desktop & mobile versions of the game are ready… what comes next? Well, these two little robots are going to make a jump and have some fun on the PSVita, so that should be the next target where they’ll be running on!

Save Sea Turtles! – Now on Samsung Apps too!

If you happen to have a Samsung device and for whatever reason you prefer to get apps on Samsung AppStore, you can now get my game “Save Sea Turtles!” there too.

I got this one there following the 100% indie initiative, so I’ll get 100% of revenue for a while which is nice… as long as there is any revenue at all.

If you are broke and can’t spend $1 on this, then go ahead and download it from the PlayStore, it’s free with just 1 single ad upon launch. The version on Samsung AppStore has no ads, F2P or whatever; just the game! (This premium version is on the PlayStore as well!)

Whatever your choice, if you end up giving it a try… hope you enjoy it! :)

Twin Robots – dev video 04

A new gameplay video is here! :D

Watch the video on Youtube

Objectives are now clearer, I think: First you’ll have to find a big red button that switches off main power (this stops the big piston and opens the prison door too, so your brother can get out), then you’ll just rush to the exit. Exit door will need energy to be opened, your energy, so be careful with that since hanging around wastes your energy (I’m still thinking about implementing auto-recovering energy when idle… Not a big fan of it but it’s an option to be considered). Switching off light tiles on the floor gives extra points, but it’s not mandatory.

Besides that, these are other things that I’ve been working on:

  • A visual indicator for the big piston, so you can clearly see its current position from anywhere in the level.
  • Two new mini-cameras! One gets activated when your brother is about to get crushed and the other one when you set him free.
  • Several new sound effects have been added, and others have been tuned a bit.

Back to work! :)


Twin Robots

Hi everybody!

I’m here to tell you a little bit about my next game.

What you see above is how it all started. I modeled that robot some time ago with the purpose of printing it in 3D as a real figurine. I sent it to Shapeways and after a careful painting on my side, it’s now resting on my desk. Here you got a picture of the real thing:

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Save Sea Turtles! Now FREE

LITE versions of “Save Sea Turtles!” are now ad supported, so I’ve decided to include all levels in them.

I didn’t want the ads to interfere with the game so you’ll only see 1 ad each time you launch the game, and nothing more. No in-game banners, no misleading pop-ups, nothing. Zero.

Oh, and don’t worry if this game is being played by a kid: Dating, Gambling and Religion related advertisements will never be shown. Period.

If you enjoy the game and want to show some support, or if the ad screen really annoys you: you can still buy the “Premium” version of the game for just 0.99€, which has no ads.

That’s all, I hope you enjoy the game!


Lots of levels

Hi again! A new update of “Save Sea Turtles!” is here!

Lately I’ve been working on the icon of the app. I’ve read everywhere that it’s very important to have a nice icon so I did my best! It was something I wanted to get right so it took me a while… but it’s done now, one more thing to check off the list.

Today I’ve been working on a new level selection screen, since I’m going to build 3x times more levels than it was initially planned. That means 16×3 = 48 levels! Madness, I know!

Well, all those levels are going to be spread along 3 difficulty levels so that explains the image you see above.

Now, back to the code!