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Twin Robots update: some screenshots

Some quick screenshots I just took while working on the game.


Twin Robots

Hi everybody!

I’m here to tell you a little bit about my next game.

What you see above is how it all started. I modeled that robot some time ago with the purpose of printing it in 3D as a real figurine. I sent it to Shapeways and after a careful painting on my side, it’s now resting on my desk. Here you got a picture of the real thing:

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Working on a new game


I’ve started working on a new game! I was still deciding on what to do next after I finished “Save Sea Turtles!“, when I read about the Ludum Dare’s October Challenge; The goal is to finish a game during October, and earn at least $1 from it. Since using already started games is allowed, I thought that this would be the perfect excuse to actually finish a game I started some months ago.
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Lots of levels

Hi again! A new update of “Save Sea Turtles!” is here!

Lately I’ve been working on the icon of the app. I’ve read everywhere that it’s very important to have a nice icon so I did my best! It was something I wanted to get right so it took me a while… but it’s done now, one more thing to check off the list.

Today I’ve been working on a new level selection screen, since I’m going to build 3x times more levels than it was initially planned. That means 16×3 = 48 levels! Madness, I know!

Well, all those levels are going to be spread along 3 difficulty levels so that explains the image you see above.

Now, back to the code!


New Enemy: Seagulls!

I was not sure if I should implement it because I thought that it would make the game too hard, but… it’s actually funnier! (yes, harder too)

So here we have the 2nd enemy of the game: Seagulls! They will fly over the area from time to time, and if any turtle is in their path, it will be captured & carried away :(

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Another screenshot collection

More screenshots to keep you informed about progress on “Save Sea Turtles”!

I’ve been experimenting with adding a trail to each of the turtles. Look at the screenshots at the top of this post to see what I’m talking about. I’m still not sure about keeping it & discarding the old footsteps (barely visible now) or just stick with the footsteps & forget about trails in the sand…

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More screenshots!

Here I am again, with more screenshots showing the gameplay in “Save Sea Turtles!”

Looking at previous screenshots you may notice that I’ve reduced the size of the sea stars; well that’s because they were too big before… specially since they are supposed to be carried to the sea by baby turtles! I think it fits better now.

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Well, “enemy” would be much more correct since we only have one for now…

These angry crabs will be patrolling specific areas of the beach, and they are hungry! Look out & help the turtles reach the water without touching any of these monsters!

Will you manage to help the turtles reach the sea, avoiding the crabs, while picking up some sea stars along the way with you?