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Twin Robots – Update 1 is coming!

The main new feature is the ability to share energy between robots: in single player mode you press a button and the current robot starts sending energy to his twin, who receives it automatically. In multiplayer mode both players need to press the button to agree on the energy exchange. Thanks a lot to Andrew Perry for suggesting this “helping” mechanic!

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Twin Robots – OUYA Launch Trailer

Watch the trailer on Youtube

Yes, it’s here! The game is finished! :)
Do you have an OUYA? You can queue the download right here by clicking this button:


It will magically download on your OUYA the next time you start it up and a connection is available.

The game is free to try, you can play 3 levels both in single & multiplayer (local coop.). After that, a single payment unlocks all the levels (28).

Hope you enjoy it!

(Android & PC version will come next! Soon…)

Save Sea Turtles! – Now on Samsung Apps too!

If you happen to have a Samsung device and for whatever reason you prefer to get apps on Samsung AppStore, you can now get my game “Save Sea Turtles!” there too.

I got this one there following the 100% indie initiative, so I’ll get 100% of revenue for a while which is nice… as long as there is any revenue at all.

If you are broke and can’t spend $1 on this, then go ahead and download it from the PlayStore, it’s free with just 1 single ad upon launch. The version on Samsung AppStore has no ads, F2P or whatever; just the game! (This premium version is on the PlayStore as well!)

Whatever your choice, if you end up giving it a try… hope you enjoy it! :)

Save Sea Turtles! Now FREE

LITE versions of “Save Sea Turtles!” are now ad supported, so I’ve decided to include all levels in them.

I didn’t want the ads to interfere with the game so you’ll only see 1 ad each time you launch the game, and nothing more. No in-game banners, no misleading pop-ups, nothing. Zero.

Oh, and don’t worry if this game is being played by a kid: Dating, Gambling and Religion related advertisements will never be shown. Period.

If you enjoy the game and want to show some support, or if the ad screen really annoys you: you can still buy the “Premium” version of the game for just 0.99€, which has no ads.

That’s all, I hope you enjoy the game!


Working on a new game


I’ve started working on a new game! I was still deciding on what to do next after I finished “Save Sea Turtles!“, when I read about the Ludum Dare’s October Challenge; The goal is to finish a game during October, and earn at least $1 from it. Since using already started games is allowed, I thought that this would be the perfect excuse to actually finish a game I started some months ago.
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