Concept Destruction – It’s live!

Concept Destruction is finally available! You’ll find it on:

It’s been out for a week and reception so far has been great!
I’m very happy about it, thank you all for your support! 😀

I’m following all reviews, comments, feedback, let’s play, etc. and one thing that fills my heart with joy is seeing how people get Destruction Derby vibes from this game. Destruction Derby 2 was the golden reference when I was making Concept Destruction, I loved that game back on PS1 and I wanted to make something that sparkled a similar joy. It looks like I achieved that goal, at least in part, so I’m very very happy ^^

I know there’s so much that can be added to this game, and my to-do list doesn’t stop growing with new ideas & improvements. But I’m a solo dev, so I have to tackle one thing at a time!

For now, I hope enjoy Concept Destruction as it is today.

Thank you for playing!

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