Concept Destruction – DIY cardboard car

When I was making Concept Destruction, I toyed (pun intended) with the idea of building real life versions of the cars from the game. I thought it would be cool to have QR codes disguised within the game, leading to a PDF download for the layouts so you could build one yourself.

After some tests, I discarded the idea because it was too difficult (for me) to build layout guides that resulted in a model of an acceptable quality level. I built a couple versions at different sizes, but the smaller ones were difficult to work with and the bigger ones were too wobbly. I couldn’t afford to spend more time trying to do this right, so the 2 models I built ended up sitting on top of my desk as a memento from the game.


Fast forward to a few days ago, when I decided to give it another try. It wasn’t successful either but people seemed to like the result anyway, so I decided to refine the layouts and build a PDF guide for just one of the cars from the game: the “Beta Baraco” model. This is the easiest model to build out of cardboard because it doesn’t have any curved surfaces.

So, here’s the link to download the PDF, if you want to give it a try yourself: PDF Guide

Whatever the result, I’d love to see what you make!

I’m not a toy designer, this was just a little side project that I made for fun. As stated above, you’ll find inaccuracies here and there, so be aware that you’ll have to force some pieces into place and use tape or glue to make them stay together. Be prepared to improvise and fix things on your own! Also, I hope you enjoy the process 🙂

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