Concept Destruction – Now with multiplayer!

When people played Concept Destruction at Tokyo Game Show this past September, one thing they asked for was a multiplayer mode. And of course, they were right!

So I got back to work and… it’s done! 🙂

It’s local multiplayer (split screen, 2 players), so you’ll be able to smash the car of your best pal while you look straight at his face with a big grin of satisfaction 😀
You’ll be able to play in normal, survival and tourism modes just like in single player mode.

This made us push back the launch date of the game, but I’m sure it’s worth it.

Happy smashing!!! 😈

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  1. Player says:

    Can you add online multiplayer please on the Xbox store it says online multiplayer but it’s not available

    • admin says:

      Hi! There are no plans to add online multiplayer, sorry 🙁
      The Xbox store should say “Local Multiplayer”, not online! I’ll ask for that error to be fixed.

  2. Smasher says:

    Hey can you/the Team….

    Pls add an online mode on the switch…. Maybe next year please.

  3. Aleksei says:

    Hi there.
    For some reason I have Multiplayer option greyed out on my PS4. How to solve this, please??

    • admin says:

      Hi Aleksei,

      Multiplayer unlocks when 2 controllers are connected, so if it’s currently grayed out you’ll need to connect a 2nd controller.

      • Aleksei says:

        No, this does not work – two controllers are connected and still no multiplayer.
        I remember that multiplayer was not greyed right after I installed the game for the first time at first launch, and after second launch it’s not available 🙁

        • admin says:

          If 2 controllers are already connected, try disconnecting & reconnecting one of them while you’re in the main menu of the game, hopefully the Multiplayer option should then light up & be available.

          We’ll investigate the issue anyway, thanks for reporting it & sorry for the inconvenience :/

  4. Anonymous says:

    This game would be amazing with multi-player online. Even if it’s just amongst friends with private lobbies.

    Down the road you could try doing random lobbies if there is enough interest in the game.

    Another common thing in some games is the ability to create and hos public lobbies.

    • admin says:

      Yes it would be great! I’ll work on a sequel someday, and the plan is to include all that and more 🙂

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