Concept Destruction – A quick dev update

As you can see, I’m terrible at keeping this blog updated. I usually post much more often to my Twitter, so if you are interested you can follow me there.

Anyway, my new game Concept Destruction is now almost done!! ALMOST!! Development is going well and pretty much all features are already in there, working as expected. 😀

Lately I’ve been working on making the game fully configurable. I provide default values that I believe work great but it’s you, the player, who will be able to configure all kind of things to better fit the game to your liking. You don’t like how fast the battery depletes? No problem, you can adjust that. You don’t like how quick your car gets destroyed? No problem, you can adjust that too. Or the number of rivals. Or how long each event lasts, or…you get the idea 😉

Gameplay Options

Yes, you can even activate “Survival mode” for the Championship! Let me explain:

In “Normal mode”, each car decides what car to attack based on several factors like:

  • Proximity of other cars
  • Current damage of other cars (i.e, more damaged cars are easier targets)
  • Grudges with any of those cars
  • etc

In “Survival mode”, all cars attack you. That’s it. 😈

Also, I finished work on the new “Photo Mode”; You’d be able to access this mode from the pause menu, at any time during the game, and freely move the camera around to take photos with all the action frozen.

This mode, as with any other features, is subject to change on a per-platform basis. We’ll see what makes the cut on each version when we get to the porting stage!

Have a look:

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