Twin Robots no longer for sale on PC


It’s with great sorrow that I have decided to stop selling Twin Robots on PC, due to the new GDPR law that goes into effect May 25, 2018. Don’t take me wrong, I love how this new law gives power back to the people about its own data, but adapting Twin Robots to this new regulation would require:

  1. Removing gameplay analytics: These are stats about where players die, how long they stay on each level, etc.
  2. Removing Unity Hardware analytics: These registered hardware info so the Unity team could gather insight about where to optimize their engine, for example. The thing is, the free version of the Unity engine does not allow to disable this data gathering. You have to subscribe on their $35/month plan to be able to do that… with a minimum 12 month stay.
  3. Removing online leaderboards: I used my own server for this, and since it registered your username along your score, it could potentially be considered personal data under the new GDPR law. Specially when considering that the default username when submitting a score is your Steam username, which uniquely identifies you.
  4. Removing Steam integration: when playing from inside the Steam client, the game sends & receives personal data like your Steam username, so that’s probably a no-no under the GDPR too.

If I don’t remove all this, I’d have to provide a means for the player (you) to access, revoke or modify any of this data.

After that, I’d have to build, test & upload all 3 versions (Win, Mac, Linux).

I was going to do it, I even purchased the Unity subscription plan, but honestly… it’s not worth it. It doesn’t make any financial sense, the game has been for sale since 2015 and it sold pretty bad. So I can’t keep pouring time & energy on it. :cry:

I’m a single developer with a normal day job, so I prefer to put my scarce resources (time, effort, money) towards building a new game where all these requirements will be met from the start.

Thanks for reading, and sorry if this causes you any trouble. If that’s so, please let me know and we’ll talk about it, I can probably help.

Oh btw, for existing players: the game should continue working as usual, though the leaderboards won’t work anymore so you’ll see a “Loading…” message in there that never clears (the leaderboards on my server have been removed). Sorry for that inconvenience.

Have a nice day,

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