Twin Robots – 4 years of stats

Back in January 2015, I wrote a post called “Twin Robots – 1 year of stats”.

I recently received an email asking for up-to-date stats, so I thought “why not?”. It was the perfect excuse to write something on this blog again :)

This is going to be much shorter than the other post though, since current analytics data is very skewed and incorrect. Why is that? Well…

  • Console versions are completely isolated, so I don’t gather any gameplay data from those.
  • The Android version was removed from stores some time ago.
  • Ouya died.

You see, platforms come and go, but the robots will always prevail :D

Also, GDPR is almost here and I’m planning to update the game to remove all this analytics gathering anyway.

So, what can I still talk about? Well.. REVENUE! Yes, I’m sure that’s what you came for so you won’t be dissappointed… or… maybe you will, because I can’t talk specifics. You see, to publish on Steam or consoles, you have to sign an NDA which prevents all kind of info to leak out. Unfortunately, that includes sales numbers. :(

What I can show you is my income from Twin Robots since its launch back in December 2013, both by year and by platform, but with percentages instead of actual sales numbers.

Income by year

Income by year (all platforms), 2014-2018 (YTD)

Do you see that ramp up from 2016 onwards? That’s thanks to consoles. Look at this next graph:

Income by platform

Income by platform, 2014-2018 (YTD)

As you can see, consoles account for almost 75% of my total revenue since 2014. It’s even more impressive when you think that WiiU version was launched in June 2016, PS4+PSVita in October 2017, and Switch in February 2018. And it’s impressive seeing how PSVita accounts for 41% of the total revenue! Although this is probably skewed, because the game is crossbuy across PS4-PSVita so those PSVita numbers surely include some PS4 users also… So you should probably look at PS4+PSVita as a group. Anyway, great console, with an awesome community. Sad to see it go :cry:

Nintendo Switch version shows great promise, it currently sits at almost 10%; just about the same that the Steam version; The difference being that it’s been out for just 1 month while the Steam version has been out for 2,5 years. I suppose Steam revenue would be higher with a different kind of game, since Twin Robots is a casual game and maybe not a good fit for Steam audience… but I don’t really know.

So, what can you get out of this post?

  1. Consoles rock!
  2. Don’t stop supporting your game too soon, you never know what opportunities lie ahead of you!

Big shoutout to Ratalaika Games, Twin Robots wouldn’t even be on consoles without their help! If you are looking to get your game on consoles, get in touch with them! It never hurts to ask :)

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