Twin Robots – Speedrun contest!


Hope you are all having fun playing Twin Robots!

I thought it would be cool to make some kind of contest to reward you for playing this game, and a 3D printed figurine of one of the robots came up as a nice prize! Some time ago I made one for myself, I hand painted it and it’s currently sitting on my desk:

My little robot

Robot #1 – This one is mine!

So, I already got a new one 3D printed, and it’s still pure white. It’s about 9,7 cm / 3,8 inches tall:

New robot - Still white!

Robot #2 – This one can be yours!

If you win, you’ll get to choose between the black or the white version of the robot and I’ll hand paint it myself. I can also leave it as is in case you want to paint it. International shipping is on me too, except for customs / border charges if any.

How to participate:
Finish as many levels, as fast as possible! Record your play through and upload it to youtube. Then, let me know about it by posting a comment here on this blog or in the dedicated Steam thread.
When you post a comment, don’t forget to include the highest level you reached along with a link to your video.

Start time:
Right now! :)

Your video should be publicly available & you should have posted as instructed above before March 1, 2016 at 00:00 (UTC +1). Click here to see this deadline in your local time.


  1. The winner will be the player who beats the most levels. If several players beat the same amount of levels, the one who did it faster [1] wins.
  2. Play in single player mode only. Sorry, I love coop mode but since levels can be completed faster with 2 players it wouldn’t be fair to those playing alone.
  3. Start on Level 1.
  4. Don’t skip any level, play them consecutively.
  5. Don’t use any cheats or alter the game in any way.
  6. You can take advantadge of any bug / glitch currently present in the game… as long as it’s not the result of you infringing rule #5.
  7. You can repeat a level if you need or want to. Your best time on each level is what will be counted.
  8. Please enter a name when you finish Level 1. This will be remembered so you’ll only need to type it once.
  9. You can upload as many videos as you want, but please note that each video will count as an individual entry to the contest. Level completion times won’t be added across multiple videos.
  10. You can edit the video if you want, but the final edit must clearly show each level being played in real time, from start to finish (including the “end of level screen” with the stats).

[1] Whenever you finish a level, you’ll see a stat called “Final Time”. This is basically the time it took you to complete the level, and the sum of that across all levels you finished is what I’ll be looking at if needed. Remember that when a robot dies, “Final time” is the time you took to complete the level multiplied by 2… so you better take care of your twin! ;)

Good luck & have fun!

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