Twin Robots – Updated to v1.83

Twin Robots has just been updated on ALL platforms where it’s available: Ouya, FireTV, AndroidTV, GameStick, Android(PlayStore), Windows, Mac, Linux.
This brings all the platforms up to date on features (desktop versions were slightly lagging behind in terms of updates as of lately, sorry for that!).

The main feature of this update (besides bug-fixing) is the switch to a self-hosted solution for the online leaderboards; now they are stored on my server and they load faster! :D

I’ve done several online leaderboards systems in the past using php + mysql, and I was ready to jump on it again when I discovered COMBU. This is what I needed (and much, much more!) at a very affordable price! As I always say, if you can afford to buy an asset instead of creating it, do it! Of course there’s a lot of learning value in creating somthing yourself, but there’s no need to reinvent the wheel if what you’re interested in is bulding cars, not wheels.

As I said, COMBU provided way more functionality that I needed: I just want to store pairs of “name : score” values in a database, so all those options of user profiles, messaging, etc. were not really useful for me. I eventually found a problem, wrote to the creators and in a matter of a few days they sent me a new version with the exact functionality I was looking for. Amazing!

So if you’re looking for a similar solution for your game, don’t forget to have a look at COMBU!

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