Twin Robots – dev video 03

A new small gameplay video!

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I’ve been working on lots of things! Sadly the lack of updates on the blog is due to the fact that most of these things I’ve been working on are not visible; it’s mostly coding and bug hunting.

Anyway, one of these new things I’ve been working on is the way I was building the levels; Instead of importing a whole level and then adding colliders, scripts, etc., now I have all kind of “pieces”, “modules” which I import separately into Unity and then create prefabs. The thing here is that if I want to update only one of these modules, I can do it without having to rebuild the whole level. As a bonus, this also means that level building can be done now inside Unity, which will end up being easier and faster.

There is now a “plugin point” where you have to plug your robot(s) and use some of your remaining energy to open the exit door. Remember that running, jumping, etc., all take some energy from you, so you’ll have to be careful to reach the end of the level with enough energy to open the door!

Total score is calculated based on the time you used to beat the level, the blue tiles you switched off and the number of robots you saved. If one robot dies you can still finish the level but you’ll get half the score.

Now, back to work. :)

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