Twin Robots – dev video 01

Here it is at last, a sneak peek video on the new game I’m working on!

Watch the video on Youtube

You can see me running & jumping around on a test level. I have to save the green robot from being crushed by pushing the big red button, but to be able to reach that button I have to switch off all the blue tiles on the ground by stepping over them. Oh, and as the electric robot that I am, I also lose energy so I have to watch over it; longer levels will feature recharge points.

I didn’t pressed the button so you could see what happens; if you do press it, the green robot is saved and you advance to the next level.

Please forgive the hiccups, those are not in the game and were caused by the recording software.

I still have lots of work to do on this game but hey, slow progress is still progress! :)

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