Working on a new game


I’ve started working on a new game! I was still deciding on what to do next after I finished “Save Sea Turtles!“, when I read about the Ludum Dare’s October Challenge; The goal is to finish a game during October, and earn at least $1 from it. Since using already started games is allowed, I thought that this would be the perfect excuse to actually finish a game I started some months ago.

In this game you’ll control a little robot with a plug to recharge the energy it loses when running, jumping, etc. You’ll have to save your robot-brother before it gets smashed, and for that you have to accomplish several goals without losing all your energy.

I have decided to go with a simple aesthetic for the scenery since otherwise this would take a loooong time and I intend to finish it before this November! Anyway time is running and if I don’t make it on time, I will continue working & release it later.

Oh, and this game will be playable on Android devices and on the web via Unity’s plugin.

I’ll keep you all updated on the progress! 🙂

P.S.: Yes, the tile-flipping you see in the image is a homage to Maze Mania!

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