Save Sea Turtles! – Gameplay video 03

I’m back! Sorry for the lack of updates these last days; I’ve been working hard on the game, and a lot of progress has been made!

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Here is a list of changes and new additions:

  • As I mentioned in my previous post, the game now has a nice icon! Yay! You can see it at the very start of the video.
  • The main menu background has been slightly modified. I like this version better!
  • There is a new panel for credits. These are for the music & sound effects, which are free but require attribution. You can see this panel sliding up & down at the beginning of the video as well. Each name has a link that opens the browser and redirects to the author’s homepage. I like to give credit where it’s due!
  • The “How To Play” screen can be deactivated from the options menu
  • I mentioned it on the previous post as well, but you can also see that we now have 3 different difficulty selectors, each containing 16 levels.
  • I’ve added more graphic elements to give it a little more variety, such as more types of rocks, the little bucket full with sand, the bottle with a lost message, the beach umbrella…
  • There is also a new special element: a beach ball that you can move around & throw at crabs to stop them for a while!
  • I’ve added the ability to move the turtles back as well, not only from side to side. This is in fact funnier to play with so it’s going to stay in. I also tested the ability to push them up but it makes the game too easy, so it’s not going to be implemented.
  • Now you can hold a turtle on its position by keeping your finger on top of it, without moving it. Very handy!
  • Multitouch! You can use up to 10 fingers to play… as long as your device supports it, of course. You can actually see in the video that I’m moving several turtles at the same time with different fingers. So, if a level is too hard for you alone, why don’t you invite someone to play and help you? :)
  • Water trails: when the turtles reach the water, they leave a trail behind while swimming into the sea.
  • Lots of bug fixing!

As you can see, I’ve been rather busy… I’m now building the rest of the levels (I already have 32, so 16 more to go), and fixing bugs along the way.

See you on the next update! :)

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