Concept Destruction – Now on PS5 and Series X

The next generation of consoles is here, and Concept Destruction is now available on them too! Check it on:

PS5 & Xbox Series X have much more power, and as you know “With great power comes great responsability”, so… we decided to do the most responsible thing we could think of: increase the number of AI opponents from 14 all the way up to 49 😎

Oh, and the game now runs at 60fps & supports 4K!

Since no further gameplay updates have been made, we decided to offer it as a FREE upgrade! 😀

Have fun smashing cardboard!

CrossKrush – Swinging by

I’ve been working hard on my new game! It finally has a name: CrossKrush
As I mentioned in a previous post, it’s a Kurushi-inspired game… with a swing! 🙂

The story is about Florence & Henry, an elderly couple that were great dancers when they were young; That was a long time ago, but they still have that spark! They love listening & dancing to swing music at home, but every now and then the damn traffic outside is just too loud to bear! So, they take matters in their own hands and go outside to deal with the noise. 👿
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Going indie: 1 year later

Today is my 1 year anniversary since I quit my job to go full time indie. Even though things didn’t go quite as planned, I’m very happy I did it! No regrets at all. So, here’s a small recap of this past year:

Game #1:Concept Destruction“. Initially planned for a summer release, it was delayed to be shown at TGS and to add multiplayer mode after that. Then it was delayed again to squeeze some more performance, trying to get it to work on PsVita.

Although a PsVita release won’t finally happen (I’m very VERY sorry, we really tried! :cry:), this at least helped making the game even better on the other platforms where it will be available (Pc, Ps4, Xbox One, Switch). You can wishlist it on Steam here.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on Game #2! And since today is my “indieversary” AND it’s February 14th… I thought it would be a good day to share this picture:

This game is a Kurushi-inspired game (well, Kurushi / Intelligent Qube depending where you’re from).

Alone or with a friend (coop & vs), you’ll have to get rid of the damn cars that won’t stop at the crosswalk! Show them some manners!!! 😡
Yes, you can hit the cars with your cane. Yes, you can hit the other player with your cane too.
I’ll upload a video soon to show some gameplay!

So… that’s pretty much it! Looking forward to what 2020 has to offer! 🙂

Concept Destruction – Now with multiplayer!

When people played Concept Destruction at Tokyo Game Show this past September, one thing they asked for was a multiplayer mode. And of course, they were right!

So I got back to work and… it’s done! 🙂

It’s local multiplayer (split screen, 2 players), so you’ll be able to smash the car of your best pal while you look straight at his face with a big grin of satisfaction 😀
You’ll be able to play in normal, survival and tourism modes just like in single player mode.

This made us push back the launch date of the game, but I’m sure it’s worth it.

Happy smashing!!! 😈

Concept Destruction – A quick dev update

As you can see, I’m terrible at keeping this blog updated. I usually post much more often to my Twitter, so if you are interested you can follow me there.

Anyway, my new game Concept Destruction is now almost done!! ALMOST!! Development is going well and pretty much all features are already in there, working as expected. 😀

Lately I’ve been working on making the game fully configurable. I provide default values that I believe work great but it’s you, the player, who will be able to configure all kind of things to better fit the game to your liking. You don’t like how fast the battery depletes? No problem, you can adjust that. You don’t like how quick your car gets destroyed? No problem, you can adjust that too. Or the number of rivals. Or how long each event lasts, or…you get the idea 😉

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